Video - Omsi bus simulator download + install

Videa Volvo PCC II Omsi bus simulator download + install

Omsi bus simulator download + install

Sorry but i had to close my account (MichielTTube) so i've made a new one :) I'am going to make a better tutorial, but i didn't have much time these days. If you have questions pleas put them in the comment below so i can take care of it in my new tutorial:) 1) Start the installation procedure by double-clicking on AS_OMSI_V100 by PCC Group.exe! 2) If you were asked for E-Mail/Serial, use this: E-Mail: Serial: 6bH0tJrUnse29qnxtMSw5fforPb5pPmk 3) Finish the installation! 4) Copy and overwrite the OMSI.exe from the PCC Group folder to your installation folder! 5) Enjoy OMSI! omsi download link: winrar: search on google

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